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Welcome Educators and Club Administrators!

The Governor’s Office for Children and Families (GOCF) is dedicated to serving communities throughout the state as they develop sustainable programs that are family-centered and outcome-focused.

As part of our ongoing efforts to best serve Georgia, we are launching a statewide underage drinking prevention video competition, “Reel Change GA”, to celebrate the 86% of Georgia youth that choose not to drink, (2011-2012 Georgia Student Health Survey) and provide them with the opportunity to tell us why—in a format they can share with their peers.

Through viewing the videos of their peers, the competition seeks to educate on goal setting and how underage drinking may hinder youth from achieving their goals.

Along with partnering with The Council on Alcohol and Drugs and Public Awareness, we need your help! This effort is a team effort and administrators, teachers, school counselors, coaches, and all of the hard working individuals that help to shape the lives of our Georgia students are a very important part of the team!

How can educators and club administrators get involved?

  1. Find creative ways to get your students to be part of this very positive movement by encouraging them to tell their story.
  2. Each student needs an adult sponsor to sign off on their video competition submission and that could be YOU!
  3. Create an extra credit project in the next couple of weeks, it could be used as a team building exercise, or a club sponsored activity.

Underage Drinking Prevention is an important topic and I am sure that your wheels are spinning as you think of ways to incorporate this project into your learning experience for any youth ages 12 to 18 that you mentor.

Competition Breakdown

The Reel Change GA competition is broken down into two mini competitions. Please note, participation in both parts is encouraged but not required! If your students missed the Video Title competition, they can still entire the 30 Second Video Competition!

1. The “Video Title Competition”: The purpose of the Video Title competition is to give students the chance to think about why they have made the choice NOT to drink alcohol under the legal age limit while introducing and providing awareness for a second mini competition – a 30 Second Video submission. This is accomplished by providing all students age 12 to 18 with the opportunity to express their reasons, on social media, creating a positive influence among their peers.

2. The “30 Second Video Competition“: The purpose of the 30 Second Video Competition is to provide a structured and encouraging environment for students to submit a 30 second video highlighting the reasons they choose not to drink. Inspiring, positive, and unique submissions are encouraged! This video will serve as the students own personal Public Awareness Campaign announcement to their peers across the state of Georgia.

There are no special skills or tools that are required to participate in the Reel Change GA Video Competition and best of all there are no wrong messages!

So, get a group of 15 or 20 students together, utilize the video on this page or the home page, take advantage of the resources below, and be apart of creating Reel Change across the state of Georgia!

In April 2014, the Governor’s Office for Children and Families’ judging panel will announce video winners and the winning video will be aired in movie theaters across the state and on several television networks as a sponsored Public Service Announcement. Along with several other factors, one factor for consideration will be the number of votes each video receives, so participants should encourage their friends and families to view and vote for their video!

Competition Resources

Having the proper tools can make any project a winning project. This section contains all of the tools that you will need to run a successful event. All of the resources will open in a new window to be printed or shown at an event. If you have any challenges or questions about any stage of the competition we are a single phone call away. Simply give our team a call: 404-721-2874

Stage #1 – Video Title Competition Resources

This stage ended on October 15, 2013 at midnight. This stage was not required to participate in the 30 Second Video Competition.

Stage #2 – 30 Second Video Competition Resources

* Please note: If a student did not have a chance to participate in the Video Title competition they can still participate in the final 30 Second Video Competition.

  1. Submission Dates: October 1st thru December 15th 2013
  2. Video Competition Full Color Flyer
  3. Individual Registration Sheets
    (these work great as a sign in forms)
  4. Video Competition Rules
  5. Reel Change GA Facebook Page for video submissions 
  6. If you do not have access to a Facebook account you can submit entries directly to our team and we will enter them for your group.


So, let’s get out there and be creative, get excited and get your students involved in the Reel Change GA statewide video competition to create Reel Change across the state of Georgia.

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