Video Basics 101

After watching the Video Basics 101 video follow these 4 simple steps to enter the “30 Second Video” competition:

1. Watch the Rules Video and be sure that you understand the 30 Second Video Competition Rules.

2. Create a movie script based on your existing, or new, video title. When creating your script be sure to watch the video basics video above for valuable video creation tips. 

3. Grab a digital camera, video camera or smart phone and record your 30 Second Video. While creating your video have fun and focus on the reason/s why you have made the positive choice NOT to drink. Be safe and make sure that you do not show brands or use protected music.

4. Visit the Reel Change GA Facebook Page and submit your 30 Second Video using the Video Submission form. If you do not have access to a Facebook account you can submit entries directly to our team and we will enter them for you.

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